Frog fried delicious bamboo shoots

Some delicious food from frog meat is always attractive to people who eat by special taste. Can be counted as frog fried roll, frog storage, frog hot pot. Today I introduce to you a delicious dish, frog fried bamboo shoots.


– 500g frog meat
– 200g fresh bamboo shoots
– 1 onion
– Spring onions, spices, fish sauce, seasoning seeds, pepper.


– Frog skin washed, cut pieces just eat, marinated with a little nut seasoning to frog meat spice.

– Onion peeled, washed, cut coriander. Scallions washed, chopped.

– Fresh bamboo shoots, boiled through to eliminate all the poison in the shoot. Wash the bamboo shoots again and then clean them out and drain them.

– Heat the oil in the pan, put the onions on the island for 2 minutes. Then quickly pour frog meat into, seasoning just to eat and then to spice up. Then pour out to disk.

– Stir in the pan, stir-fry quickly, adds a little fish sauce for sauteing. When the bamboo shoots close, you put the frog in the same island, season with seasoning, sprinkle pepper and scallion on, off the kitchen.

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