• Soup of the Dayask your server for details 9
  • Mac & Cheesewhite cheddar, gruyere, parmigiano toasted (add smoked bacon +3) 9
  • Beets & Burratamicro herbs, pistachio, citrus, reduced balsamic 12
  • Tartareavocado, mango, scallions, shallots, citrus zest, crostini 14
  • Musselssea broth, white wine, fresh herbs, house baked focaccia 15
  • Sliderbarbeque pulled pork, pickled onion, cole slaw 6/ea
  • Lobster Rollcitrus aioli, pickled vegetables, cilantro 8/ea


  • Cobbiceberg wedge, smoked chicken, maytag blue cheese, cherry tomatoes egg, avocado, crispy bacon, ranch dressing 14
  • Watermelonricotta salata, roasted pine nuts, mint, white balsamic, extra virgin olive oil 12
  • Quinoaradish, red onion, cucumber, dried fruit, fresh herbs, red wine vinaigrette 12
  • Ceasarfrisee, butter lettuce, radicchio, parmigiano, cesar dressing, white anchovy 12
  • Crispy Calamaripickled vegetables, baby spinach, thai chilies, rice wine vinaigrette 12

Add To Any Salad

  • smoked chicken6
  • seared salmon7
  • Steak8


  • Chickenroasted, free range, sautéed spinach, roasted shallots, lemon preserve 22
  • Hangerpan seared steak, sauteed broccolini, heirloom tomato, reduced balsamic 26
  • Salmoncrispy skin, sautéed french beans, cipollini onion 24
  • Codpanfried, panko encrusted, roasted potato, mushrooms, watercress, cherry tomato 24
  • Short Rib Ragufusilli, col buco, house made ricotta, parmigiano, fresh basil 21
  • Risottobaby squash, roasted cherry tomato, mascarpone, fresh herbs 20
  • Bleecker Burgerny cheddar, smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, house crema, sesame bun (add fried egg +2) 17


  • Braised Baby Beet Greens8
  • Sauteed Broccolini8
  • Sauteed French Beans & Cippolini8
  • Roasted Potatoes & Mushrooms8
  • Fries8
  • Roasted Baby Squash8
  • Pickled Vegetables8
  • Guss’ Pickles5