Types of grill every barbecue lover should know about

A summer without the perfect backyard grill party is a summer incomplete but before you go on the planning wagon just yet, have you picked out the perfect grill? Well choosing a grill isn’t that easy anymore and first and foremost decision to make is the type of grill you need which comes down to your budget, requirements etc.

So let’s take a look at the different grills one can find.

Charcoal Grills

One of the most popular types of grills remains the charcoal grill and that is mainly because it can capture the flavors and smokiness one expects out of a grill. Also, charcoal grills provide an affordable option and can reach temperatures high enough to sear meats.

Charcoal Grill

While buying the grill itself is cheap, a charcoal grill when used regularly results in higher overhead expenses due to the constant requirement of charcoal and lighter fluid. Also, these grills heat up rather slowly. Cleaning the grill can also prove time consuming and difficult.

Gas Grills

Gas grills are often considered to be high-end grills mainly because these are some of the costliest grills in the market but don’t freak out just yet, there are plenty of budget models too without any of the fancy frills of the high-end models.

Gas grills are easier to use and also get heated up rather quickly. Apart from that, they also offer an eco-friendly way of grilling and unlike charcoal grills, cleaning these grills can be a blessing in disguise. These grills can also cook at constant temperatures and be changing the temperature can be done with a knob.

With gas grills, getting the perfect sear can be tough as they do not reach temperatures as high as charcoal grills. Also, when working with propane, first time users should be extra careful as it is highly flammable and can cause serious burns and injuries.

Electric grills

If you’ve got a small storage space or are looking for a grill that can fit into your balcony, then an electric is the best option. Their compact design also makes them portable and safe to use on the house premises, just ensure there’s a power point close by.

These grills are also cost-effective both in terms of long-term usage and immediate purchase. Also, controlling and maintaining temperature on these grills is easier.

Electrical Grill

For those looking to enjoy a BBQ party within their apartment, an electric is an ideal pick as these make the perfect indoor grills.

As for the downsides, with electric grills, flavor has often been an issue and since even they can’t match the temperature of a charcoal grill, getting the perfect sear isn’t possible. Also, you’ll always need an electric outlet nearby thus limiting its portability.


Personally, I’d prefer a charcoal grill any day but for those looking for an affordable option while getting balanced flavors and ease of cleaning, the gas grill is the best choice. Electric is ideal only for indoor parties and provide an easy to use and cheap alternative. If you want to share your suggestions feel free to contact us.

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